Request for Shared Calendar Resource

A shared calendar resource is a calendar that is accessible to multiple staff/faculty members.  A resource calendar is managed by a single resource delegate that grants other people the necessary access.  A shared resource calendar can represent any kind of schedulable resource, such as a meeting room, a piece of equipment, person or group.


NOTE: Resource requests may take up to 5 business days to be completed.  You will be emailed when the Resource has been created.

Required Information
* Employee ID#

Only numbers may be entered in this field

* First Name

* Last Name

* Department

* Email Address

HelpMust be a valid email account - i.e. an existing MACID.
* Requested Resource Name


Please enter the name of the room, equipment, person, or group that will be represented by the shared calendar.


NOTE – all resources will start with RES_ to distinguish them as resources.

* Resource Delegate Email Address


Must be a valid email account - i.e. an existing MACID.


The resource delegate will be the person managing the resource. This person is generally in charge of assigning people allowed to access and use the resource.


NOTE:  The resource delegate will be assigned ownership of the resource and will be responsible for managing access to this resource.

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